NIW Client

Pittsburg, Philadelphia


“Having decided to apply for Green Card through National Interest Waiver, I spent lots of time in looking for the right attorney for my case. I was told that many attorneys are just telling their clients what documents they have to prepare, and lawyers just collect those documents, package them, and send it to the USCIS. Some of my friends even suggested that I DIY and not use an attorney as they believe that all I have to do is to fill out some forms and rewrite some letters from sample letters that are available online.

Through the recommendations from my Ph.D. classmate, I retained Mr. Zhang. It turned out to be one of the best decisions in my life.  Mr. Zhang worked with me very hard to help me draft five letters of recommendation, a Petition letter and a cover letter. The petition letter was composed in such an efficient way that it walks USCIS officer through my contribution in the field of chemical engineering. Mr. Zhang also has the hardest working staff members who almost always promptly responded to my any concerns or inquiries through emails or phone calls. They also did an excellent job in organizing and packaging my petition. The petition was filed within four months after I retained Mr. Zhang. The Petition was quickly approved by USCIS, at a time when most of my DIY friends were still struggling with their preparation.”

NIW Client

Jacksonville, Florida

“One year after I graduated with Ph.D., I decided to apply for the green card on myself because my employer would not sponsor me the green card application at least for another two years. I had a very weak National Interest Waiver case. Though I had published quite a few peer-reviewed articles, citations to such publications were zero. The only citations I could rely on were generated to a publication in which I was the second authored during my master study back in China almost ten years ago. I found Mr. Zhang through a recommendation of my friend. The initial meeting was only intended for the discussion of possibility for NIW petition. I have to say that I was totally struck by Mr. Zhang’s professionalism, in-depth knowledge of the law, and constant focus to the details of my background. By the end of our first meeting, I already made the decision to hire him for my case. I was so fortunate to have Mr. Zhang as my attorney.

At his evaluation of my case, he clearly indicated to me that my petition could hit RFE and he also lay out his strategy to present my case. Mr. Zhang is a very efficient attorney and he also operates very efficient stuff. His office would always finish drafting the letters of recommendation within five business days after I provided them with all the necessary documents for my recommender. After my recommender or myself proposed any suggestions to amend or revise the letter, such amendment or revision would always be completed within 2-3 business days. After all six letters of recommendation were drafted and finalized, Mr. Zhang’s office spent around 10 business days in drafting a 15-paged petition letter. Before we submitted the package, Mr. Zhang deliberately left one letter of recommendation out of the initial package with anticipation that the RFE would be issued and the letter would be used to respond to such RFE. Attorney Zhang was sure right. USCIS issued a short RFE demanding documents showing my influence in the field of remote sensing research. We were able to respond the RFE with the un-submitted letter of recommendation and other evidence. The petition was approved within weeks after the RFE response was submitted.”

EB-1A Client

San Jose, California

“My attention to Mr. Zhang was brought by a friend of mine. I have been a self-employed securities analyst and investor armed with two Master degrees from the United States. After a couple of years of work and life in my home country, my wife and I decided that we should return to the United States and raise our family here. We were three months in the United States on a tourist visa. After careful consideration, I decided to try the EB-1A petition. This is because we can file adjustment of status immediately after the approval of the EB-1A petition. Other immigration petitions either take too long for USCIS to adjudicate or have long waiting time for visa availability. But my background compared to other EB-1A petitioners is considerably weak. I do not have any peer-reviewed article published, so there would be no independent citations, and I have done no review of peer-reviewed articles. Although I do have some media reports about me, they are all from local or regional newspapers of my home country, and can hardly qualify as major media. So my first question to Attorney Zhang during our initial meeting is what approach I should take for my EB-1A petition.

After a thorough review of my materials, Attorney Zhang suggested that my petition should concentrate on original contribution, high salary, and leader of prestigious establishments. After retaining Attorney Zhang, I was given a detailed document list specifically tailored to my background for my EB-1A petition. Throughout the case preparation, I had five rounds of phone conference with Mr. Zhang and his associate attorney discussing the documents collected and exploring the possibility to seek substitute evidence for those documents desired to have but not obtainable due to various reasons. At the same time, Mr. Zhang’s office drafted multiple statements, affidavit, and letters for my case. Once they prepared and collected all the necessary documents, the office started drafting an 18-paged counsel’s letter.

The petition was promptly approved by the USCIS on the ninth day after being filed. There is no Request for Evidence. My wife and I were very excited. We immediately filed our adjustment of status applications through Attorney Zhang and received our green cards within three months. Without Attorney Zhang’s service, I don’t believe I could get my EB-1A petition approved within six months after I retained Attorney Zhang’s office. I strongly recommend Attorney Zhang to other people who need the service of Immigration lawyers.”

L visa Corporation Client

Bloomingdale, Illinois

“We are an international corporation in the business of buying and selling bulk agricultural products and merchandise around the world. As the business grows, we need to transfer a manager from China headquarters to our expanding U.S. operation to serve as the president to U.S. company. Due to the 2009 financial meltdown, the U.S. company reduced its workforce significantly to only four full-time employees, not including the President. Additionally, the U.S. company’s annual revenues have decreased significantly since the financial meltdown. We were worried that USCIS would deny our L visa petition we were filing for the president of U.S. company, which in turn would cause extreme difficulty for our business operation. Our concerns turned out to be unnecessary. Under the guidance from Attorney Zhang, we prepared substantial evidence regarding the nature of our business, daily activities of U.S. company employees, global market conditions of agricultural products, objective factors justifying U.S. company’s workforce reduction, and company’s growing need to have some senior manager from the headquarters direct the business operation. Attorney Zhang’s office prepared a thorough petitioner’s letter connecting all the evidence we included. The L visa petition was approved. We are glad that we can always rely on the professional services of Attorney Zhang for our immigration matters. So far, Attorney Zhang has successfully represented us in obtaining L, H visas and B1/B2 extensions for our U.S. company employees. We strongly recommend Mr. Zhang to other companies for their immigration needs.”

H1B Client
Indianapolis, Indiana

“I was in desperate need of an experienced and knowledgeable lawyer while I was searching on the Internet and came to Attorney Zhang’s website. I was laid off by the former employer due to the company’s internal re-organization in the fourth year of my H1B. The former employer only gave me 30 days to keep my H1B status alive. During this 30-day time frame, I had to find a new employer and file a transfer H1B. I was lucky to find such a new employer who was willing to hire me to do almost the same things as I did at my former employer. The problems are this new employer just started the business one year ago, did not have any employees and the workplace is at his condominium unit. It was under this circumstance that I visited Mr. Zhang’s office for my initial consultation. After listening to my narration of the quagmire, and poring through the documents about my new employer, Mr. Zhang assured to me that the H1B transfer is doable and stands a good chance of being approved despite my concerns. He then explained to me why he believed the H1B petition was viable based on his knowledge about, understanding of and experience with the law. I was really impressed by his clarity on the potential issues of my H1B and how he would deal with them. I immediately decided to have my employer retain Mr. Zhang for my H1B transfer. It turns out that my employer and I made the right decision. My H1B petition was eventually approved by USCIS after a response to the Request for additional evidence. I am now able to stay in the United States with legal status waiting for my priority date in the immigrant petition becomes current. Otherwise, I could have had no other choices but to leave the United States. I strongly recommend Mr. Zhang to other people who would have the need for services of immigration law.”