Requirement 1 – The petitioning U.S. entity must have a qualifying relationship with your entity abroad. 

While a new office may be opened on an L-1 visa by someone working within your organization in a managerial, executive or specialized-knowledge capacity, after one year the office must be sufficiently active to support a manager or executive. During the first year ramp up, a manager or executive may be required, as a practical matter, to engage in many “hands-on” tasks that go beyond inherently managerial or executive tasks. After the first year, however, the manager or executive will be required to focus primarily on managerial or executive tasks in order to obtain an extension of the L-1 visa.

Requirement 2 – A new office must be active and operating within one year after the L-1’s admission to the United States if requesting an extension of stay.

The “new office” L-1 visa is meant to facilitate a “ramp up” period for a new U.S. office of a foreign entity. This period is limited to one year. After that time, an extension of the L-1 visa is available if the new office meets this requirement. What makes an office active and operating will differ depending on the nature of the business. Typically it will involve factors such as hiring additional employees, fulfillment of contract orders, having a revenue stream, or holding inventory, if applicable

Requirement 3 – After 1 year the new office must support a managerial or executive position if you are requesting an extension of stay in the L-1A classification. 

The Law Offices of Yongbing Zhang L-1 Visa Services 

Our experienced attorney(s) will first evaluate your and your employer’s situation for the potential L-1 case via email, fax or phone consultation. If it is positive and feasible, we will recommend you to further the petition.

After you retain us, we will effectively communicate and work closely with you and your employer throughout the whole procedure. Our experienced attorney(s) will identify and solve the legal-issue(s) in preparing your case to establish the eligibility of your employer as the L-1 petitioner and the qualification of you as the beneficiary. Moreover, we will review; translate and organize all the necessary application materials to present them in a good order. Our experienced attorney(s) will complete all the L-1 petition forms; draft the petition letter for your employer; submit a complete set of petition materials to the proper USCIS office, and contact the USCIS for status inquiries on your pending case.

In case the USCIS requests additional evidence on your pending petition, The Law Office of  Yongbing Zhang will submit the additional documentation required for your case in time. As soon as the USCIS makes a final decision on your L-1 petition, we will inform you of the result accordingly.